Problems editing OSM data from a custom server

I´ve configured an OSM server using de guide from

Worked like a charm, tiles are rendered with no problems and I can make my own custom tiles changing osm.xml and using ./

Now I’m trying to change some of the data from de database of my server ( I use my server not the oficial one becouse the new data is ‘in progress’ or ‘in planification’, the idea is to use those maps for demostration/presentation uses ).

JOSM looked as a good editing software, so started to implement the API 0.6 on my server.
Now I have PostGIS+CGImap+FastCGI+Lighttpd configured, if I try to get a xml data file with firefox using this url “,54.1762010,12.1042728,54.1878541” the call gets to the Lighttpd web server who spawns a FastCGI call who executes a CGImap process to serve the GET map call.

But the CGImap process crashes when it tries to create a temporary table on the database. CGImap doesn´t complain about the connection to the database so the user,password…etc. configuration looks ok.

Looking at the error log files CGImap is trying to populate a temporary table looking at a table named “current_nodes”, but my database doesn´t have that table ( my database has planet_osm_line, planet_osm_nodes, planet_osm_point, planet_osm_polygon, planet_osm_rels, planet_osm_roads, planet_osm_ways, geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys tables ).

Any ideas?

Does anybody know a guide to install API 0.6 to interface with the OSM database ? ( the wiki has lot of information but very few examples )