Problem with wms

I would like to take the wms-datas into josm from

But, I think, I make a misstake. I didn’t get some maps.

How must be the correct link into the wms-plugin for get these datas instead of yahoo sat or landsat?


did you ask if you may use the WMS in OSM ?


@Chris66… on the listed website, you can see, there are 3 positions specific allowed for OSM: osm_lake, osm_river and osm_roads. Or am I wrong, and these positions are “just” the existing OSM-datas?

here a URL that works for me in JOSM:

As far as I understand they have put existing OSM in the WMS layers.


thanks, your link works… but the maps aren’t really good.

so I’m still on the search for other good maps for Switzerland over wms…

You should go and map it yourself. OSM is more about surveying, less about stealing from elsewhere. :slight_smile:

@Richard… I’m going to map myself. But, it will be a nice help for the orientation. If you see the rivers, forest ect. in the background, it’s much easier for mapping…