Problem with OpenStreetMap on Garmin 1300

I have loaded a routable gmappsup.img file onto my Garmin 1300 and it shows up as selected in the Map Info display. However when I try to Change Country to the new map I get a “No matches found” message. What am I doing wrong?

Has anyone sucsessfully installed a routable OSM on a Garmim 1300?

The current version of Mkgmap does not provide a very functional address search. This is because of limitations in the understanding of the Garmin map format and your country selection problem is likely to be a result of that. Luckily it seems there has been a major breakthrough regarding the address search in the last few days. I guess I’ll upgrade to the latest Mkgmap for the next release (in about 2-3 weeks). I have good hope that your country selection problem will be solved by then.

Its not just the Country name thats a problem. WhenI try to select a route with “Where to” and then “Address” I get a No Map Data Available message.