Problem with Opening Slippery Map on PC

For some reason I can no longer open the slippery map page on my PC, although I can on my laptop. After clicking “show me the map” on the wiki page I get the border of the slippery map and the green bars to tell me that something is loading, but then it tells me “done” in bottom left of screen but no map! I suspect I have changed a setting without knowing it but can’t find out what.
I am using windows XP (Service pack 3) with IE7. My Java is up to date.
Can anyone advise please?


Check firewall settings, download firefox this might help, and Java has nothing todo with it. The firewalls have been known to block the slippy map.

Don’t know if it is related, but in my case I had some tiles which did not show. That was remedied by switching off the Maplint map. Seems sometimes on by default.

Thanks emj

Turning off the firewall completely did enable the map to appear.
I hadn’t changed any settings so I don’t know why it suddenly decided to object.


iick!.. Don’t turn it off completly try to do an exception for *…

Thanks emj ,

but I only turned it off as an experiment to see if that was the problem, I didn’t intend to permanantly have it turned off. However, I can’t find how to permit

I have inserted the url into both Norton personal firewall, and Trusted sites under internet options/security in IE7, but still wont work. Can you advise please. Let me know if you need to know more details. Meanwhile I will install Firefox to see if that helps

Well the 50% of the time I used Windows this year I got virus by shutting down the firewall just did it for 2 hours… That might tell you something how often I use it… :slight_smile:

Try lowering the security in IE, migh work.

Did you try Hugos tip? is lots of sites so you need a wildcard to match:

Not sure if this addresses the cause as the problem seems to go by switching off the Firewall.

I use Firefox and had one day by mistake blocked images from Openstreetmap. Then the map does not load.:confused:

Can be modified back by: Options=>Content=>Images=> exceptions allow (similar b and c tiles).

Can imagine IE has a similar option, which is integrated with the firewall.

PS translated the Tab names from Dutch, so may be different but suppose clear enough.


I have been away on holiday without a computer but have now returned and tried the exceptions listed both in IE and Firefox , but still no map appears, just the surrounding frame etc.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.