Problem with mapping navigation hints

Hi! I need help with mapping navigation hints:
Here left turn is actually forbidden

I tried to add this relation to tell track builder to go only straight:

But it does not help. (I waited more then 24h, nothing changes in navigation builder)

What should I do to fix this problem?

Some routing engines update their internal database only once a week.
You’ll might have to wait.


According to my observations, Brouter has the most frequently updated database for navigation, but the relation has not yet worked there either. I think we have to wait a little longer for the update.

Turn left in Brouter

Your update 2h ago should help :slight_smile:

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OSRM, Valhalla and Brouter already updated their database. GraphHopper still not updated. :slight_smile:

Thank you all!
@FvGordon was first who gave the right answer in comment to the changeset 133587988
I’ve missed type=restriction property there. With it, everything works as expected.