Problem with download gpx files from Gosmore web application


Since last week both FF3 and IE7 block downloads from, with the statement: the download is blocked due to your security zone settings.

I have tried: disable all Internet Control (shut down Zone Alarm)
put the site in the Trusted websites in Windows Internet Control
put the lowest level of Internet security in Windows

Unfortunately none of these works.

Any solutions found for this in this forum?

PS switching to Mac OS or Linux is not considered :wink:

EDIT: same day, seems the latest “security update” solved the problem :confused:

I know it’s solved now but what do you mean by downloads, like the whole page couldn’t be displayed?


Sorry, I could have been a bit more clear: the “Save” button to download a gpx or wpt file, did not download the file, as the download was blocked by Windows.

:slight_smile: thanks! just wondering what could have gone wrong. Strange error indeed!

This is a result of Windows Vista in combination with FF3 or IE. Windows won’t allow the javascript to open a new window with an url that will start the download process. I will need to reimplement this feature to avoid this.

I could not find any reference to this error so I don’t know what you can do to avoid this.

I run XP on 2 computers, on 1 it is working now on the other not> highly puzzling. If I find further clues, will let you know. H