Problem with Debugging : Nativeosmandlibrary failed to load Error

Hello everyone.
I just started to test OsmAnd and i have problem running it. I did what minad said on but it still gives me run time error and i really dont know what to do. I cloned sources by Git and according to minad post, there should be a “OsmAndMapCreator” project in my files but there is no such thing in there!

Here is errors i get when i debug it on my Android device:

Please help me!
Thank you

be aware:

Osmand MapCreator is a Java program to rum on a desktop PC with Java Runtime Environment in order to produce binary Osmand offline vector map files from raw OSM data.

Osmand itself is the android app … maybe you can find some more hints at

And about asking any further details about compiling Osmand on your own, you can have more success to ask at the Osmand googlegroup mailing list … see website above.

Thank you stephan75 for your answer. I’ll Keep trying… .