Problem with creating map


Iam new in map editing and I dont understand this!

When I discovered openstreetmap I saw that in my region was very little map data. So I decided to edit map.

So I downloaded JOSM and edit map based on my GPX tracks(add street names, POI,…etc) . After validation JOSM didnt show any error. Then I downloaded my corrections to OSM. On the OSM server it looks OK but when I downloaded my country and convert it with WETravel map generator for navigation the map looks very bad. Ok the POI are where they should be but streets are like spider web whithout names and splitted many times. :frowning:

I dont know if I doing something wrong in JOSM. Before was only main road drawn in map in my region and it was navigable now its gone.

Is there any special layer in JOSM used for navigation?

Please help

Looks like you’ve done a fair bit of editing in Slovenia : From a quick look I can’t see anything immediately wrong with your data. streets “whithout names and splitted many times” doesnt sound good though. Could you link to the map to point us at exactly where you are having problems? (linking to maps)

Maybe it’s a problem with We-travel. I’m not familiar with it, but I notice the website is broken at the moment. Seems a bit rubbish! Maybe you should try some different software. Quite a few to chose from: Software/Mobilephones

Here is the link

I think you are right about my software.

I will try another program.

Found errors in map and I think that was the problem.

So I edit map errors that keep right show but still if I search for street name (eg. pot v danico) osm cant find it.

Do I have to wait for some time that servers do data update?

I dont know any more if am I doing something wrong or is there some higher force.


Are you using the OSM search engine aka namefinder?
That’s still working from a very old index of OSM data so it wouldn’t be able to find your newly added streets. :slight_smile:

Yes I am using namefinder.

How long does it takes that namefinder refresh data?

Is there any better search engine?

Unfortunately this is an ongoing issue. The OSM database has become extremely large and so it takes much time to index all of the various features. Work is underway by various groups on new search engines.

The current OSM namefinder index is from 2009/01/09.

Cloudmade’s search is finding that streetname:

…but yes there’s always a delay indexing these things.