Problem using osmfilter

Hello everybody,

I’m running the internet page . At this moment it’s hosted at a host where i do not have a postgresql database. That’s way i wanted to move it to my raspberry pi as a server. Everything is running fine except that i’m not able to run osmfilter. If i want to run it after some seconds it sais:

./osmfilter  /media/stick/dbupdate/benin.osm --keep="shop amenity" >poi.osm
osmfilter: Hash size had to be reduced.

When i was running the programm on my computer it was working fine but on the raspberry pi under wheezy it doesn’t work. Do you have an idea what causes the problem?



It seems there is not enough RAM available on your RasPI. I am not sure, but I think osmfilter needs about 600 or 700 MB.

If the file benim.osm is large, the program will run faster when using .o5m data format instead of .osm

Good luck! :slight_smile:

And there is no possbility to use less ram? Like for osm2pgsql? The Benin extract is really small (about 100 mb). At the moment I firstly extract the amenity and shops with osmconvert and osmfilter to a csv file and insert it in a mysql database (beacause i’m more used to it). Or would it be better to extract the POIs directly from the full Benin postgis database?