Problem upload JOSM

Dear Community,

I recently uploaded several changesets with JOSM. My intention was to tag the Belgium free flow toll system in Wallonia and Flanders.

As background info: the toll in Belgium is tracked with a GPS-Onboard unit. The cost is calculated by km driven on a toll-road. Additional information can be found at

OSM tag standard for hgv can be found here This is a lived standard. Countries with a more complex system have a different setup e.g. Germany (

My approach was following:

  1. Download all objects which are connected to a tolled road. (E.g. “ref”=“N80”)
  2. Check manually whether downloaded roads are really tolled. If not cleanse (Ctrl+Shift+P) road part.
  3. Select all ways! downloaded.
  4. Change “toll:hgv” to “yes” for all selected ways.
  5. Doublecheck tolled roads.
  6. Upload via JOSM.

The problem is now as following:

I realised that JOSM did not upload all changes in my original changeset I changes in JOSM. Meaning that there are parts of ways tagged as toll:hgv=yes in JOSM but not in OSM - like a cheesecake. (E.g. )

Uploading several times did not fix the issue. My changesets:

  1. Toll for HGV in Wallonia (rest) / Geschlossen vor ein Tag · #59808603
  2. Toll for HGV in Wallonia (rest) / Geschlossen vor 2 Tage · #59807357
  3. Toll for HGV in Wallonia (rest) / Geschlossen vor 2 Tage · #59802554
  4. Toll for HGV in Flanders (partly also Wallonia) / Geschlossen vor 3 Tage · #59776372

Need your support to fix that issue!


We fixed it. Error unknown - we uploaded data with an different account and it worked.