Problem seeing gpx route on map (Garmin edge 705)

Hi all, I’d be grateful for some help please…
I use an old model Garmin Edge 705. Its been a while since I last downloaded maps from but I noticed that after downloading some new areas yesterday, I can no longer see my gpx route on the map properly while I am cycling. Previously, I used to be able to see the map as I was cycling along, with my route overload on top in a bright pink line along the roads I was following. Now, after updating the maps, the map seems to be overlaid on top of the route and I can’t see where the line goes. My Garmin still routes me so I can see the instructions for “turn left” etc etc, but I can’t see the detail on the display properly anymore.
Does anybody know why this might be?
I’ve tried downloading the Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite) and also the Generic Routable maps and its the same for both.
Thank you in advance!