PROBLEM: Random map loaded partially

Hello guys,
I’m having problems using OMS map from my application.

What happen?

Sometimes, randomly, there is a general slowness in loading the map … … in some other cases … not all the squares are loaded so the map remains incomplete.
This happen randomly and to random users… in the same time… some users works fine, some others have the problem… and viceversa.

Could be some kind of OMS’ limits related to the IP ? Bandwith limit? Or some otherthings ?

Please, help… you are my last chance!

Have you had a look at the Tile Usage Policy?

It’s possible the OSM tile servers have decided to limit your usage.

Which application?


Thanks so much. Yes, could be possible.
Do you know if there is some way to ask a directly support to OMS team or to ask them how and if it’s possibile to change these limits , for example ?


If you are hitting the limits, you should be running your own tile server;

I am try to create a local OMS server downloading the Tiles.

I need to have all zoom layer… from 1 to 19… Just for Italy country.

But… how I can make an estimation of disk space necessary ?
I found this tools, but I am not sure it’s valid:,36.317288,18.688941,46.577021

Do you have an idea about the size need to have all layer (1-to-19) of Italy ? In the 2017 ?

Thanks a lot for your support!

You should generate the tiles yourself, rather than download them.

Whilst I haven’t checked the figures quoted by the tool, I would imagine it is fairly accurate, although it might be a little pessimistic, as I would expect sea areas to be mor compressible than land ones. Tile sizes aren’t going to vary hugely, and the number of tiles is very well defined.

Maybe you want to look at vector maps instead; see to get started. With this technique, tiles are rendered on-the-fly in the client as needed, instead of in advance on a central server.

A vector map for all of Italy is about 1GB if including topo contours (I checked, or much less if contours aren’t needed (see mapsforge download site).

Don’t do that - it’ll get you blocked.

No, you really don’t. Force-rendering tiles up to zoom 12 or so makes sense, but above that generate the tiles that you want on demand. For a country like Italy you won’t need a huge server and it’ll be able to generate tiles on the fly very quickly.

Have a read of something like and set up your own tile server. You’ll find that it’s much faster than OSM’s standard tiles (using an off the shelf PC, for a country the size of Italy and with no-one else using the tiles).