Problem getting data with api 0.6

I am using the following to obtain the data for a bounding box. In the past there was no problem but did not saved the exact command, I recreated it as follow, but it does not return lakes or administrative boundary names.
curl.exe --verbose --location --parallel --keepalive-time 5 --output C:\temp\map.osm --url “*%5Bbbox=-109.344,26.414,-103.053,34.304%5D
I have read all the documentation that seemed like relevant but no idea what goes on.
Any suggestions?

I have experimented with other URLs and curl options, but no luck so far

This example still works:
Maybe you bbox is simply too large?

I’ll try a call with half the area, and see if that does it. Thank you

Your box is huge compared to the one in the example. I’d be surprised to hear that this works. Maybe download an extract from geofabrik instread.

It worked just fine a couple weeks ago, just I don’t remember the exact command.

Try some of the other public overpass instances:

Your download would be 95-120 MB in PBF format (depending on options used), which corresponds to 2.3GB uncompressed XML format.
While this is still possible on some Overpass instances, you should really look for a country extract instead.

Also, please don’t use XAPI. It’s been long deprecated.

GerdP was right, it is the size, half of it download all the information just fine. I am splitting in 4 to make the downloads less onerous and joining back on my side.
Thank you