Probable nonsense mapping

Hello, recently changeset 143078143 added a large area of “grass” in the middle of what appears to be forest in the imagery I can see.

Does anyone here have access to imagery that might verify this or is it probably as fictional as it seems to me?

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Sure looks like uninterrupted forest to me on the imagery I normally use in JOSM.

The major change is along a railroad In the US but this grass area looks to be in the Amazon. Seems like a mistake to me though I haven’t a clue how one could accidentally do that.

The mapper seems to normally work on railroads and from the few changesets I looked at seem reasonable (I am ignorant of railway details so I could be wrong).

I guess protocol would be to add a change set comment and ask them about the grass area. But I would be tempted to simply delete the grass area if it were an area I was familiar in.

Doesn’t look normal to me, probably some iD mistake (seen already a couple of these). I guess the first step is to contact him/her (as you already did). If not answered in a week, could be safely deleted that part.