Private Server

Hi everyone.
I’m making a research about motivations for collaborative mapping and I need to achieve a few goals to test my purpose:

  1. A system to which I could import some vectors (they are currently at shapefile format, but I can convert it to another format if needed) and people could edit, create or delete these vectors.
  2. This system should have gamification stuff, like ranking of the best contributors, badges and things like that.

I have seen that uMap could do the editing part, but I’m not sure if it has the gamification part.
Thanks for the attention.

Zero answers?
Is it too hard to be made or too easy that nobody wasted time answering?

I’m guessing that you got no answers was for a couple of reasons:

One is that OSM discussion takes place all over the place. This forum isn’t especially high volume (in English; other languages have their “main home” here). Also (again in English) the ratio of developers to non-developers here is probably lower than elsewhere.

The other is that what you’re trying to achieve is a bit vague. You’ve not said what you’ve looked at so far or how far you’ve got. You’ve also not said how it relates to OSM. Here (and also at there are quite a few questions that can be described as “help me with my homework” where the person asking hasn’t really even started on the thought process. While OSM fora are less restrictive than Stackoverflow, some of the hints at may still be useful.

If you’ve actually got further than your original post, then asking at about how to solve a particular question may help. If you haven’t, then a discussion at may be best. Either way though, you’ll need to provide a bit more information.