Private ambulance / patient transport

In the process of clearing Notes & found one referring to this business: It’s a private business that does first aid training, but also provides ambulances to attend sporting events, does patient transport between hospitals or hospital > home, & even takes doctor’s around as mobile clinics!

What to tag them as?

Talk:Tag:emergency=ambulance station - OpenStreetMap Wiki says it is for emergency vehicles only, NOT patient transport?

I wouldn’t call it a medical centre, as by their description, they don’t have doctor’s there, they only transport them.


I would definitely steer away from amenity=ambulance_station (as suggested on the mailing list) as that is just going to lead to confusion about which to tag.

I’d suggest something more like amenity=patient_transport.


If they’re about first aid training, then perhaps Tag:amenity=training - OpenStreetMap Wiki (with appropriate training=* key), with freeform description=* indicating what else they provide ?

Thanks fellas.

Yeah, want to avoid ambulance or medical.

Suggestion made to just go as an office + company=patient_transport?

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Presumably members of the public don’t attend the station to get transported?

I’m a fan of the office+company combination, but I also think Tag:industrial=depot might be a valid option if there isn’t an administrative function at the location.

Not by the way I interpret their website, no.

Yeah, transport depot could be an option as well

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Suggestion made to just go as an office + company=patient_transport?

from the area I know, patient transports in vehicles are divided in at least 3 basic classes: people able to sit (and walk), people that are transported lying and people that also need treatment or intensive monitoring during the transport and whose vital conditions can possibly degrade quickly

Yep, which makes it even more complicated! :crazy_face: