Printing pages


I don’t know if this is the right place for my question. But if not, you can help me know where is it!

I try to print pages of the wiki of openstreetmap for my own documentation, but the pages are troncated on the left. I don’t have this problem on a other wiki!

Is my internet browser not well set? I have the same problem on firefox and ie!!


Did you choose “printable version” of the desired page to print, from the toolbox at the left part of your wiki-screen?

Yes, I have already tried it (printable version)! Same problem at Work! It really seem to be a website error.

And on your computer? Have youy tried to print or just to do a print preview?

I can reproduce the problem. It doesn’t matter whether the “printable version” is selected (and probably this doesn’t make a difference anyway as the browser automatically selects the appropriate CSS file for printing). The problem doesn’t occur on other MediaWiki sites.

How can I contact the Wiki webmaster to change the css file?