Printing a list of notes to resolve

Not sure this is 100% a rendering question - if it’s better elsewhere, please move it or ask me to do so.

I want to print some field papers for a ground survey (I’ve successfully used in the past).

Is it possible to print a list of notes and their contents, so I can refer to these on paper as I survey? Would also need a numbered map pin I guess or some other way of matching note text with a specific location.


PS again not 100% related - [edit:] fieldpapers is squishing the map in the output PDF. Any pointers to support welcome (have checked the wiki, linked to from Help on

Eg, this perfectly circularised feature:

I think you can export notes in GPX or GeoJSON format (or is it custom JSON?). Then you can make such list along with a map in QGIS.

I have rudimentary support for this in my MapOSMatic instance, but it’s far from perfect so far … I may consider re-shuffling priorities tomorrow and make the index sidebar more usable for this (showing only notes, adding line wrapping and/or text truncation …)

See e.g. for its current state