Primary and non-primary roads around Edinburgh

Hello! I was wondering on the status of how some roads are mapped in Edinburgh and if they are accurate or not. I have made two edits, one to the A1 and one to the A90 to map them as a trunk road (not an actual trunk road per se, just a regular primary road). I was curious since during my last visit to Edinburgh during Easter, some roads around the City seems to be signed as primary but were not represented correctly on OSM.

I would like it if someone could verify if these edits I have made are accurate and to see if the A902 between the A8 and the A90 is primary, the A8 between the A902 and Edinburgh Airport, the A901 along North Junction Street, and finally the A199 between the A901 and the junction with the A1 where the Milton Link starts.

Thanks if anyone can clear this up!