pretty new to osmand, trying to get a track from my email

I can access it from downloads, and it says saved in my galaxy s3, how do I get to it in osmand?

Can I not import a gpx file to osmand? Seems like a pretty important feature to me?

Does this help,how_do_I_get_it_into_OsmAnd?

I tried both those hints earlier today.

Does a Galaxy S3 have an SD card? It’s hard to believe I have to use a install it on a card to use on a phone.

On my version there is no “Define View” selection. IDK what to do from there??

Thanks for trying to help.

Google is your friend :slight_smile:

Even if you don’t have an SD card in the phone, there is probably still an “sdcard” folder. For most Android phones, the sdcard folder is actually part of the internal memory.

I suggest you get a file explorer app, so you can look at what folders are actually there. Don’t know if your phone has one already, otherwise I recommend ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer should let you find the Downloads folder, then you can cut and paste the track from there to the osmand/tracks folder.
Then start OsmAnd, and view the map. Press menu, then choose “Map layers”, then “GPX track”. That will let you pick your track to display.

Got and installed/formatted a card. Dl’d explorer and put the gpx on the card. Still trying to get osmand to find it. Thanks for getting me this far.