Predefined Map Selection Not Working?

When I go to the Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices page here:

I click on Generic Routable (new style) to choose a map type, then I go to Choose a predefined country and click on United States under North America to choose a map.

When I do that nothing further ever happens. I understand from the page that when I do that “…In response, the map will show which tiles have been selected by highlighting the selected tiles…”
but no tiles are ever selected on the map and nothing further ever happens.

I have checked the manual selection box, selected tiles, entered an email address, and received a notification email and then a ready for download email and successfully downloaded a map file.

But the tiles are never selected by the choices predefined choices.

Is this a normal behavior?

I am trying to download all the tiles for the United States as a windows.exe file so that I can use them under MapSource running under XP.

Thanks for any help,


The best way is to use prepared Garmin image files for the US. Dave Hansen makes these up and they’re posted at . Check the README file to decide which one is best for your device.