Precise indoor positioning (Indoor "GPS") +- 2cm

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We have a precise (±2cm) indoor navigation system (Indoor “GPS”) that is designed to provide real-time location coordinates for autonomous robots, vehicles, AR and VR system.

Demo how it works:

Basics: You have stationary beacons (not Bluetooth or WiFi) every 10-50 meters. And you trace a mobile beacon on your robot with ±2cm precision. You get the coordinates either directly from the beacon on your robot via USB or UART or SPI or I2C; or you can get data from the central controller - depending on the needs of your system.
Detailed description of the protocol is available.

More information is on
I will be happy to provide you with more information, if needed.


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The most important is that the system is readily available and you can get it within 5-7 days (shipping time)

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Sergey. I don’t know if this is the right forum for marketing your technology. But your indoor GPS technology is cool. How would you use your beacons regarding indoor mapping?



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