Potlatch2: using "abandoned" tags

Hi OSM comunity,

I use 99% Potlatch2 Editor to map on OSM.
Some time I use the OSM-Wiki to check how to map.
Potlatch2 using abandoned tags in his interface.


"amenity=emergency_phone" or "emergency=phone"
Potlatch2 use only abandoned amenity=emergency_phone


"landuse=reservoir" or "natural=water + water=reservoir"
German Wiki for landuse=reservoir is abandoned but English Wiki status is approved
Is this a wrong update in the German/English Wiki?


PS: sry for my English

I suspect this won’t be changed, since P2 is no longer in active developement. Please also be very careful when editing roads with turn-resctrictions, as P2 tends to break them. Maybe you want to switch to JOSM?

P.S.: There is a german section in this forum, which is more active than this one :wink:

P2 just got a major update in the way it handles imagery and some new features https://github.com/openstreetmap/potlatch2 , while I wouldn’t expect a high level of activity it is far way from “no longer in active developement”.

@lushi you should simply open an issue for your specific problem.

@rayquaze: I know the problem when editing turn restrictions with P2.
I cut first the roads and save, and then I place turn restrictions.

  • check some day with keepright and osmose

@SimonPoole: thx. have reported the bug