Potlatch2 GPS Trace behind ways.

What i have to do is bring GPS Trace to top layer. Now its under roads.
Anyone tried to do this? I was looking for some some kind of layers manager in sourcecode but didnt found anything like that.
Can anyone help mi with that?
Some other solutions?

Do you want to plot a PPX trace simply on top of an OSM map?

Then have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Track_drawing_websites

does this help?

Or do you have a special aim?

I need to plot GPX on top of map i Potlatch.
The way it is done now GPX lane is hidden under roads and others. The layer that is created in GPX Importer is drawn between main and background layer.

I need to draw this layer over the main that it won’t be covered by roads.
Im looking for place in sourcecode of potlatch where whole magic with layers order is done.


The wireframe style does not hide much of the traces and probably you can make your own css style file which would not draw roads at all. This might be the fastest workaround.

The workaround im using now is making all roads transparent a bit so GPX trace is visible from under but this is not the sollution.
I need to have roads and gps trace on it.

Have you ever tried the offline editor JOSM?

It has layers to load OSM data, GPX data from OSM database and more things individually, and you have full control about layers there, concerning order, transparency etc.

Unfortunately it have to be Potlatch. I have my web application with Potlatch hosted in it. I tried to use iD but had problems with connecting with my own database and map server.

Ok i did it !

All i needed to do is modified addLayer function in Map class.

public function addLayer(connection:Connection, styleurl:String, backgroundlayer:Boolean=true, interactive:Boolean=false):MapPaint {
			var paint:MapPaint=new MapPaint(this, connection, styleurl, -5, 5);
			paintContainer.addChildAt(paint, paintContainer.numChildren);
			return paint;

paintContainer.addChildAt(paint, paintContainer.numChildren); - any new layer is going on top