Potlatch showing only specific data

It may be a stupid question :/, but here goes:
wouldn’t it be handy if potlatch would only show specific data from the server ? Let’s say you would like to digitize some administrative border, then all the roads, landuses, … might get annoying and make the digitizing process slower.

You can do that, but only with the offline clients like JOSM and Merkaator in combination with the OSMXAPI server (which you can query for certain types of data). It would be nice to be able to do something like that with Potlatch but it might be out of it’s intended scope. Richard, I’ll leave this to you now :slight_smile:

Would be nice… Having the mapnik map as a background while editing with potlatch is very usefull…

It’ll be in a future version. I won’t say any more than that quite yet!