Potlatch Serverlags

Potlatch getting slower and slower. :frowning: I hate it.

What do you think about a user limitation for simultan work with Potlatch?

What do you think about spliting the Area with some more Potlatch Servers?

When you say “slower and slower”, what do you mean - slower in response from the server (i.e. “loading ways” takes longer), or slower in operation?

Incidentally, there is no “Potlatch Server”: it uses the same server as the rest of the API and website. So high load anywhere will cause other services to slow down.

It takes increasingly longer to view the streets in the edit mode. I think, itÂ’s because Openstreetmaps get more popular :slight_smile:

Also following symbol, I see much more frequently than usual

it plays almost no role on what time I want to use potlatch… maybe Openstreetmaps is around the world very popular.

I’m also getting this issue, but also getting a “500” error downloading with JOSM too.

I think there’s some issues with the server at the moment - I’ve had the little “blinking !” quite a lot, and Safari reports that it’s an internal server error (i.e. the equivalent of a 500 in JOSM). Will see what I can find out.

Yes, the Warning sign is apearing a lot the last week. There was nothing the week before that.

Hi on all
i’m a Newbie by openstreetmap and y have different problems with Safari on Mac OS X 10.5.6.

I work NOW only with Firefox 3.09 (current)

okey… Can you name one specific thing that doesn’t work. Like:

  1. I load this area (link)
  2. then do this

red warning sign always/sometimes/very foten start apearing.