Potlatch Feature need - selecting more than one

I want to select more than one way for mass move. Potlatch only support selecting one way

That will probably not happen in Potlatch… Though you can never be sure I’m not 100% aligned with Richards tought process when he designs Potlatch. :slight_smile:

You can use JOSM to do this, or perhaps Merkaartor.

I want to move that lot of imported streets here http://openstreetmap.com/?lat=47.4635&lon=9.6466&zoom=16&layers=B000FTF

All imported have to move a bit southwest. Mass select with potlatch is impossible and with josm an merkaator to difficult, to select tidy only the imported streets. I usually not work with josm or merkaator

Are you sure those streets need to be moved southwest? I don’t know the source for the current position of the ways, but if you judge it’s skewness by the aerial imagery then it’s far more likely that the imagery is off then the roads, GPS traces are far more accurate. If it’s just a transformation error between the source data and the current OSM data then I suggest removing all the ways and reimport them.

It’s the source data which is off (belonging to the data import from plan.at). That feature would be needed for more data imports.

A second feature needed desperately for Potlach would be to show nodes that belong to two objects/ways like intersections (in a color to easily identify). That way one could quickly identify all intersections, where ways are actually not connected but ending very closely to each other!

Potlatch will never have multiple selection, sorry. It would be a vast change to the existing UI. Lambertus is right, aerial imagery is very often misaligned.

Extremecarver - yes, it will happen some day, it’s on trac.

The comparison in case of the data import is not the aerial imagery, but the existing roads. Up to now most imports have been done in regions with no aerial imagery but only satellite, so yes the imported material is malaligned - but that’s because the original data sources have been pretty bad. However such things like street names, postcodes, etc… otherwise would take ages to appear in OSM, so even if the data sometimes is not very good, the decision was taken to do the imports.

edwin-ldbg: Mass selection in josm is incredibly easy. It’s really not ‘too difficult’.

  1. Hit the select button, (Shortcut:S)
  2. Select the area by dragging a box over the whole area.

To add to selection, hold shift and click or click and drag
To remove from selection, hold ctrl and click or click and drag

To move it in josm, just hit ‘m’ and then move it.