Potlatch editing queries

I am new to OpenStreetMap and editing and should appreciate some assistance with Potlatch:

  1. I have a cul-de-sac off another road, both with the same name, that I wish to merge. I select one way, hold down ‘Shift’, place the ‘hand’ over the other way and click, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Even trying it out with existing ways seems to work on the odd occasion but not nearly always.
  2. I have split an existing rightangled way, because it is currently treated as one road with one name, when it is two roads with different names and with bollards between. I wish to separate the two roads slightly so that it is clear one cannot get from one to the other. Yet the two ways, although split, still share a node, rather than there being two nodes. How do I achieve my objective?
  3. If this is not the place for such a post, I apologise, but should be grateful to be directed to an appropriate part of the forum or another forum.

Ways are only lines, they can’t have branches.

There are three different combinations of this:

These will make a valid way:

Bollards and adjacent roads was recently discusesd. I usually make a small way tagged as:

And let this seperate the two streets, this is because of several reasons.
0. it’s easier, and if you do micro mapping it’s what really happens.

  1. I think routing applications will support this easier.
  2. Most map renders don’t render barriers.

There is always the mailing list which is a lot more active, and have more experienced users.

Sorry - there’s a bug in Potlatch currently where shift-click doesn’t always register if you’ve recently selected a node. It’ll be fixed in 0.9c.

After you’ve split the ways, select one of them, then click the end node and press ‘-’ (i.e. “remove node from this way but no other”). Then plot the new end node.


I have another question concerning Potlatch. Why isn’t Landsat background image supported anymore? Where Landsat used to be in the list, there’s only an entry with lots of ‘-----’.

Unfortunately there was a legal issue raised with relation to OpenAerialMap. Landsat is still available through the Yahoo imagery though this won’t zoom it beyond its standard resolution. I’m looking into other ways in which it could perhaps be provided.