Potlatch - Creating a command to apply the same tag

Quite often, when editing maps, I have to enter many times the same tag on various ways (e.g. highway=*).
I would save A LOT of time if there were a quick way to apply again the same tag. Let’s say the latest tag entered would be kept in memory and, even when changing way, would be re-applied just by pressing “F4” or anything.
I suspect there must be two buffers: one for ways, and one for nodes.
PS: I have been adding many requests these days. I hope nobody will find me rude. Thanks.

Try hitting “R”. It adds the tags/values of the last selected object to the current object.

Bt be carefull it’s esy to loose that, just one click wrong and you will have to reclick on the template object…

Yes, it works, but it is quite tricky.

I created a Way, with a name and a description, for instance, and then I removed the name.
I applied with R the tags on another Way. The other Way lost it’s name, but, as expected, got the Description.
This means that the R replicates also the “remove-tag” command…

I think you get an exact copy of the tags on the other way, But I can understand why one would like to just add a set of tags. I don’t think potlatch can do that atm.