Potlatch 2 - Space Bar Not Working

I’ve used Potlatch 2 for editing OSM data for a long time.

Occasionally I’ve used the space bar + click & drag function to align the map data with satellite imagery more closely. At some point in the last month, however, this has stopped working.

Using Google Chrome 31.0.1650.63 and Windows 8.

Only installed Windows 8 in the last month or so. I wonder if this has caused the problem, but I don’t use the space bar functionality enough to know for sure.

Does anyone have any advice?


Works for me in Windows7 with recent Chrome browser.

Works for me (Adobe Flash, Firefox 26, Linux and Adobe Flash, Chromium 31.0, Linux) as expected.

It does not work (as expected somehow) for example if your last click was outside the Potlatch2 area on the menu bar of the homepage (Potlatch2 has not the keyboard focus then).

Maybe you could try another browser / another pc / another user account on the pc to test.