Potlatch 2 not recognizing Flash Player

I’m trying to use Potlatch 2 for experimentation purposes (looks like you can do multipolygons easier than with the default). But, it says I need to load Flash Player from Adobe.com. The problem is, I have Flash Player installed. How can I get Potlatch 2 editor to recognize that I have Flash Player.

Potlatch itself doesn’t have anything to do it. It’s the browsers - Flash is being phased out now, for instance by turning it on only with user confirmation. Can you post your browser version and a screenshot?

On Chrome, for example, you’ll need to click the ‘i’ to the left of the URL in the address bar, and change the Flash setting to ‘Always allow on this site’.

Thx. There is no “i” to the left of the url (and I am using chrome), but clicking on “secure” it directed me to the settings menu where I can change the flash setting to “allow”. Thx again.