Potlatch 2 having problems? Checking to see if I'm alone.

I’ve been experiencing failure-to-refresh type issues using Potlatch 2 today. The problem relates to failure of the left information panel to refresh, showing blank space and being unresponsive. This is accompanied by an end to the ability to select elements in the map and only partial responsiveness of the Save button – work can be saved, but one can’t access the advanced menu. I finally figured out how to drop the cached code running Potlatch 2 and that forced a re-download, but the problem persists. I’m using Google Chrome and editing in one tab while running other pages in another tab. I’m using Win XP.

I should have posted this to the “Editors” forum – thanks for shifting if possible.

Also – I did find that my Flash cache limit was set at only 100 Kb; I increased this to 10 Mb, but that didn’t seem to help.

I had a similar experience yesterday. I was doing some editing in the advanced mode and when I tried to select the simple mode tab, Potlach 2 simply tilted. The save button did how ever work. Firefox in non Bill Gates surrounding.

We’ve deployed a new version this morning with a couple of fixes: let me know if you’re still having problems.