Potlatch 2 backgrounds broken?

I noticed that the P2 dropdown menu for “Background” lost all of its aerial photography and background maps except for Bing, and even Bing is not working. Did anybody notice this as well, and is there any hope for remedy? I love P2, it does everything I need in a very straightforward way and it is really stable now.

Matthias from Germany

Edit: Fixed now! Thanks for your patience.

Perfect! Thx

What happened to the old OS maps? They seem to have disappeared from the list…

background maps not working.
Do I have to do anything ???

Works fine for me. Can you give steps to reproduce? What browser are you using, and do you have any extensions installed that would mess with the network requests?

Hello Richard, recently I updated Firefox to version 60.2.0esr (64-Bit). Since then the Potlatch 2 dropdown menu for “Background” is empty.
Too bad, as I appreciate to quick workflow that P2 allows on drawing details from aerial pictures.