postbox on a shop corner didn't work - why?

I added a shop building to the map as an area. The shop has a post box hanging on one corner, so I selected that corner node and added the amenity=post_box tag. This box never showed up, even though roads added later did. I checked, and the tag was there, but it disappeared one day.

Is this a wrong way to do things - and if so, why? The corner and the postbox is at the same location, so using the same node seems logical. I later added a separate point of interest just to get the box onto the map - this worked.

Helge Hafting

This is not so much a tagging issue as it is a rendering issue. In my opinion the renderer should have rendered it, as I’m not aware that usage of a node for multiple purposes isn’t allowed/discouraged.

About the tag being disappeared at one day, someone must have removed it by had. I don’t know why. Adding the postbox as a separate node seems like a good workaround when things don’t render in situations like this.