Possible to tag specified forest areas with free camping?

In Denmark we don’t have a general “everyman’s right” like the rest of Scandinavia. We do however have several state owned forests with something similar. In these forests you are allowed to pitch a tent for one night for free with certain restrictions but basically wherever you like in the forest.
Is there any meaningful way to tag these specified forest areas to reflect this right to camp freely?

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I see now that something similar is being done in Belgium. Except of course that in Denmark the camp_site would not just be a small zone / area but often an entire forest. Does that make it different?

WikiProject Belgium/Bivakzones - OpenStreetMap Wiki

To complicate the matter there are also several free, basic camp sites and shelters on both public and private property in Denmark. These are already added to OSM but as nodes since these sites normally dont include the surrounding area or only a very small part.

I believe it does make a difference, just because you may camp “everywhere” legally does not mean everywhere is a camp site. Usually a camp site will be chosen well according to different criteria (mostly climate related, shade, level ground, rain and wind protection etc.)


I see your point. Much of a forest is typically not suitable for camping even if it is allowed. I just wish there was some way to mark it because that info would be very useful when out on a trip. At the moment one has to hope for a decent internet connection and go on to the Nature Agency’s website to find a map of the forests with free camping.

sure, it would be useful to tag it, particularly because it applies only to some areas
there is the camping key
would need a value to express that it is only for one night

The wiki for Key:camping seems to describe exactly what I was looking for! Don’t know why I couldn’t find that page before. On the taginfo map it also looks like the camping tag is already being used some places in Denmark. However the map doesn’t zoom. Is there a way to easily find those areas so I can see some examples of it being used here?

in taginfo you get an overpass turbo link…

Thanks. Had a look and ‘camping’ does not appear to be used the way I mentioned. Only ‘=no’ on a few parking areas (to discourage campervans I assume).
I don’t get why it isn’t used for the forests too (=yes). Perhaps no apps render such camping areas on their map?

Note that such areas often fail Verifiability - OpenStreetMap Wiki