Possible spurious name tag on a relation

I have concerns over the name= given to a relation in India as the value is the same as the name of the user who added it. Could be an error or malicious.
How do I best reach out to the local mapping community for them to check or otherwise offer an opinion. The name has persisted through multiple subsequent changesets by other mappers, but still…

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Can you link it? It sounds like an obvious case, but maybe user named themself after road name or similar

There is index on https://openstreetmap.community/ - entries are also listed in iD after edit


Thanks for the link to the communities.
The relation is https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/11319035/
I have trouble downloading the history - it’s currently on version 58! - but the name was changed somewhere in the 40’s. The user name (and hence relation name) is that of a religious organisation, I believe.

The best way to look at the tag history of large relations is to use one of the dedicated history viewers, e.g. here: OSM Deep History

I guess the correct tagging should be mostly identical to the one for the opposite direction:

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