Possible? Prefer curvy roads on Garmin Routing

now a Question to the Specialist on Tuning Style-Files for better Routing.

Is it possible, to query curvy road to give more curvy roads a bonus an a less curvy road a malus?

My wish is a routable motorcycle map with preference on twisty & scenery roads.

What is this?
-3 highway=motorway
-2 highway=* and motorroad=yes
-1 highway=* and routing through big urban towns
±0 highway=primary
+1 highway=secondary
+2 highway=tertiary
+3 highway=unclassified or highway=road

Anyone here, who could help me?

Thanks a lot.


Just as a note: highway=road can be anything, from a path up to a motorway (the latter being slightly more unlikely :)).

Oh yes, for a Motorcyclist it’s funny to drive on “anything Road”. That’s why i want to prefer such “highways” in Garmin zûmo’s Routing.

I doubt it is very funny to drive on a foot- or cycleway or over a narrow rocky path. But as you can’t influence Garmin’s routing directly maybe you can just reverse the highway importance via the road_class or road_speed of the style file?

“road_class” is surely a good starting point. But you need to get a measure of curvyness. And I doubt that mkgmap or other tools can do that presently.

Wish there was a tool who could calculate the sinuosity, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Routing#Sinuosity :roll_eyes:
How about inclines?

For my cyclemap I favour bike paths and unclassified roads by making the road_class higher and also the road_speed.

Thanks. With die road_speed i try to optimize. But with the road_class there is nothing possible, because we need the exclude-switch “highway” with normal function.
Motorcyclists drive on Highway to the twisty scenery roads and then set the switch “exclude highways” … and then: Fun.
Have a nice Day.

My though was to query tagged road-signs like this:

But i think, the signs are not tagged to the highway.

Have a nice Day.