possible OSMAND rendering error on rcn cycleroute relation ?


My problem is the following, documented on this note https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/3035869:
OSMAND drawes a ~300meter gap in the cycleway network, but BC168 (and also I) have looked at the relation and it seems to be okay.

Screenshot of OSMAND with bicycle profile

Before opening an osmand issue on github for this problem, I want to make sure that the error does not come from the mapping, because I have no detailed knowledge how relations work in osm. I have found some osmand tickets dealing with rendering of releations in the past but they concerned different aspects than this one.

So I would like to ask the more profound users of this forum if they see an actual mapping error which explains the osmand rendering :slight_smile:


If you look at the data, there’s indeed a gap there. In your JOSM screenshot, if you look at the parallel green (footway) and purple (cycleway) ways, they both end near the left side where they’re connected to a short dashed-green highway=path way. I took a look at some aerial imagery sources, and it seems like this may be as far as the construction has progressed in the conversion from railway to trail. If you know that the trail does continue, that would need to be added to the map data.

Also note that while there are numerous relations in the area, the short highway=path mentioned by alester above is not a member of any relation. Your screenshot suggests you are looking for a gap within a relation, but I think maybe the issue here is relations not connecting to each other. (I don’t think it can be anything like as large as a 300m gap though, unless we are looking at something completely different).