Possible error in wiki railway=switch

In the railway=switch wiki, the tag railway:switch:local_operated is suggested as an additional tag to indicate where the switch is operated from, however in OpenRailwayMap tagging railway:local_operated is suggested.
As I see in TagInfo 1 2 and Overpass railway:local_operated is widely used (52700 vs 3300!).
Should the wiki be corrected? From what I see in the history, the tag emerged in the German version in 2015 by the user Nakaner.

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Is that a value or a key?



Perhaps @nakaner can explain?

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the wiki page OpenRailwayMap/Tagging is the older source and contained railway:local_operated=yes/no back in 2014. In 2015, I added the special switch tags to the wiki pages DE:Tag:railway=switch and Tag:railway=switch. Unfortunately, a copy and paste error occured.

The OpenRailwayMap JOSM preset, the MapCSS style for JOSM and the CartoCSS style for Mapnik use railway:local_operated=yes/no as well.

Therefore, I suggest to edit the Tag:railway=switch and its translations and adapt it to the more frequently used version of the key.

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