Possibility to have on this forum a VOTING POLL ?

There are ‘endless’ mailing lists and other contact channels for OSM mappers . Some have even Riot channels … makes more ‘chaos’ in my opinion …
That is why i would propose to have here a main voting poll thread , where all the OSM community would/could vote for a proposed tag/etc.
With an end-date , and the for/against arguments could added under each proposal … Also , i know, that with such forum-voting-poll, it is possible, that each vote can be changed individually (when some posted argument convinced his/her voting to the opposite) during the time before end-date .

A number of things:

  • The approval process for tags is clearly defined on the wiki.
  • There are only 2 communities actively using the forum: the German and Dutch. Most other communities are elsewhere.
  • People have already proposed alternative mechanisms to define tags, but that never got traction.
  • OSM/OSMF wants to control as less as possible. This means that each community can organise themselves in whatever way they want. As long as there is some coordination between the communities this seems to work fine so far.
  • OSMF is thinking about installing a centralised survey system (see the board minutes on the OSMF wiki)

So asking for a policy change in a rather obscure forum is not going to work I fear.

yea , talking about OSMF :roll_eyes:


A ‘voting’ example from the past for highway=living_street :roll_eyes:


For some tags the voting process never started, but they can become “in use”, when successful. Living street is used 960.000 times, which means there is sufficient support from the community for this tag.

I do not know when the voting process was put in place, but perhaps is was less strict in 2008 ?