possibilities of OSM

Hi guys,

I’m writing my bachelor thesis about a tourist information system for the destination Lake Constance. What I want to describe is an audio-visual guiding system, i.e. an application for (mobile) devices that helps tourist to orientate in the region or just have some fun…
For that reason I have some questions concerning OSM:
First, is it possible to add pictures, film-sequences or audio files to certain locations (points of interest)?
What I’m thinkin of is a platform (maybe similar to google earth) on the basis of OSM, that allows tourists to access information provided by locals. An example could be a tour with audio-visual information about the sorroundings…
Second, could such a platform be maintained by a tourism organization/could they determine, what information is relevant for the locations?

Could you think of other possibilities OSM provides for tourist guiding?

First, what you describe here isn’t some standard off the shelf OSM application ofcourse. So to get this to work someone has to do some coding.

Adding references to media like photo’s to nodes etc. is already done to facilitate photo mapping. For that you would also geotag those media files.

Wikitravel is a service that does something that is quite similar to what you describe and is (starting to) using OSM for their travel books.