Poor quality "retail" mappers in USA

Hello, Andy from the DWG here.

Various “poor quality for pay” mappers have been active on and off in the USA for many years.

One of a group that has been flagged this way has recently woken up again with a “very large building”. I’ve commented on the changeset, and they’ve now changed it to a “park”.

This group’s previous activities were mainly retail - they tended to delete and re-add shops in malls numerous times, sometimes with old or unveifiable names. If anyone sees anything like this please email data@openstreetmap.org with a subject line of “[Ticket#2021110310000086] community reports” .


The park is real: Catawba Park | Tega Cay, SC - Official Website and based on imagery, it looks like it is in the correct place.

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The problem is that whoever added it tagged it as a building instead of a park. It has been changed now.