Political sabotage

someone is modifying maps, creating streets with political messages. In this case, check Manassas, in Virginia USA, find Mike Garcia Drive, you can see a fake intersecting street in Russian saying Russia starts all conflicts in the world. I am attaching a screenshot.

I didn’t remove the street so someone can figure out who’s doing that.

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Basically, someone (presumably a salty Ukraine user who got in trouble before, alongside protesting against the war in Ukraine) has been vandalising OSM for quite a while, practically once a month and the spree happens for quite a while now. The DWG is working on it non-stop, though, so the vandalised data comes and goes.

A thread exists for more in detail with various discussions about it:

The DWG is working on reverting the streets, removing these ways yourself will make that procedure harder, and some eager people were timed out due to their interference.

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