Pokemon Go-related

Post anything about that game in this topic e.g. questions about tagging, reporting vandalism, “are my edits fine?” etc. Might as well as the only suitable place, saying hi to other Malaysian OpenStreetMappers (OSMers), because the game has lead to the discovery of OpenStreetMap (OSM).

Just, don’t ask about when they will update things related to OpenStreetMap: it’s the trade secret of the developer. Edit today; and updates related to how monsters would appear, or how will the map look in the said game; might take months or even years.

But your updates in OpenStreetMap would appear instantly: reload your map view after edits were made. Many thanks for your edits in advance.

Nak bersembang dalam bahasa Melayu? Sila, sila. :slight_smile:

To begin with:

  • Please only map real things that can you see. Use correct tags: map playgrounds as they are; also consider the differences between parks, gardens, sports grounds and recreation grounds. The big square search box is always lending a hand in the editor.

  • Do not edit OSM, to purely manipulate the game. Imaginary edits may lead to loss of life (serious! You’ll never know). Mapping every patch of grass as a park can be easily mistaken as vandalism by others, so be extra careful, yeah?

  • As a matter of fact, the coverage of OSM is still spotty. But! Please simply avoid copying from, let’s say, Google, Waze, HereWEGO, etc - it’s strictly prohibited!

  • The April 1st official OpenStreetMap blog entry. April Fool’s post, but with links to more general reading. Also check OSM Wiki for more content.

  • Please, do ask away almost anything related to mapping!

  • Check out the help menu in your editor; and hopefully please finish the walkthrough. Got time? In depth beginner’s guide.