POIs question - internet cafes and ATMs

I’m new to OSM but not to mapping/GPS in general. I’ve added an internet cafe but it wasn’t under the preset amenity tags, what tag are these usually categorized under? I think it’s an important service especially for tourists where roaming 3G is too expensive. ATMs are another useful category - is there a standard way to specify whether it’s free or not? I noticed that there was a lot of non-free ATMs a stone’s throw from the financial district in London.

You can use the fee tag for whether something costs or not. ie fee=no or fee=yes or maybe specify it, eg fee=£1
The wiki page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Datm suggests tagging it with “cost” instead. But I think this is non standard, some discussion on the talk page suggests just using the more common fee tag.

I don’t think there is any specific tag for internet cafes. But there is an internet_access tag: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:internet_access
So you can tag it with amenity=cafe and internet_access=terminal

And give it a name tag of Such & Such Internet Cafe?

Thanks for that info Vclaw.

I think I might tag it like amenity=internet_cafe, internet_access=terminal.

Does it sell food and drink? If so, amenity=cafe would be more appropriate than internet_cafe. If it’s owned by a chain you can use the operator tag as well.

I disagree, internet cafes are mis-named, while they originally might have been cafes in California in the 90s, nowdays, in the Europe anyway, they are where you get a half-working computer with internet access in a cramped environment, not a cup of coffee.

I did say “If so”. :slight_smile:

I’m well aware that many internet cafés are just rooms full of computers but there are also still some that sell food and drink. The latter, IMO, should be tagged as amenity=cafe, the former might fall into various different categories and so just the internet_access tag is needed.