POI vanish from updated map tile, despite still being in OSM data?


I am still comparatively new to OSM and its editing functions. I appreciate OSMand as a great notebook for POIs in my vicinity and have 100+ edits where I updated and added POIs where I find gaps.

This said, I now find some of my additions are not available in recent monthly Map tile updates. It appears they are removed from the dataset again! This is greatly disappointing as my work was apparently in vain.

I did go into my Profile’s Edit history and did find the POIs I was missing still in the history (My Edits); I also could see their details. I found no indication in their history that they have been deleted since I edited them, so I wonder what makes them disappear.

I live in Germany, 79576 Weil am Rhein, and one example of a POI I created is “Schuhmacherei Frank Stengel” https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/55795956 which is now missing in the 01.09.2018 map update.
When I looked for it under “My Edits” I found the POI. Since it was outside the boundaries of the house the shoestore is in I repositioned it and am confident that through this edit it will turn up again in the 01.10. tile update. I am quite sure I was careful to position the initial POI inside the house boundary, so I assume the house was updated and shifted by someone else or some automatic process.
Most other POIs I created are still around however, so I wonder whether this house update / shift of the underlying building data by caused my POI – now misplaced – to be masked?

Please let me know what governs the removal of data from tile updates and what I need to observe to make my POIs durable.


Not all data that is in the database gets rendered on all the maps made from OSM-data. Unfortunately craft=shoemaker is one of those objects that does not get rendered in the “default” or carto-css style visible on openstreetmap.org

Your data is in the database, nobody removed it.

I don’t know any map that shows the "craft"s. This doesn’t mean you have to change the tagging.

this maps shows:


thank you both very much for your explanation and the map tool!

So apparently this craft category is not only not rendered in OSM, but also not added to the map tiles in OSMand. Too bad as I turned to OSMand on the road to check the shoemaker’s opening hours.

I wonder why such info is left out of scope. Maybe I should turn the POI into a normal shop, omitting the craft, as he also sells shoes and repairs them? And also avoid such specialities in other POIs?

Jakka’s map tool OpenStreetBrowser is quite exciting in that I can more easily research POIs there! It’s fun!

Thanks again and regards,

There are several possible tags:

  • shop=shoes, for places selling shoes
  • shop=shoe_repair, for places repairing shoes
  • craft=shoemaker, for places where shoes are made in a traditional way
  • man_made=works; product=shoe for factories where shoes are made.

So if the place sells shoes and repairs them, you can use shop=shoes + shoes:repair=yes (see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:shop=shoes))

As said before, it’s up to the map maker to decided which type of POIs they show. Contact the developer of the map (OsmAnd in this case) to ask them to show all craft tags if you feel this is an important omission.

Thanks escada, also for this explanation.

I assumed map tile generation was a somewhat centralized process and all map apps use the same tiles. Since OSMand builds and distributes its own maps then I’ll inquire and discuss their criteria with them.

Thanks and regards,