POI not showing up after 4 years…

Hi, I added a POI for a water tap in OpenStreetMap 4 years ago, but it doesn’t show up on any OpenStreetMap or any GPS apps using OpenStreetMap and I don’t understand why…
The POI is here : Node: 7256450905 | OpenStreetMap

When I go to the edit mode of OpenCycleMap I can see my POI, but it remains invisible otherwise.

What did I do wrong ? Thanks for your answer.

Other map styles than the one you’ve linked to might have decided to not show them at all. That’s their choice, what to show and what not.

If it provides drinking water, would amenity=drinking_water fit? That’s shown on more maps, presumably because it’s more important for the public to know where drinking water sources are. It can be used in addition to man_made=water_tap.

Because if we render every POI the map would be unreadable.

Because https://www.thunderforest.com/ decided to do so.

Render you own map.

Why would OpenStreetMap “select” POIs it wants to display or not

The general answer to that is that EVERY map has to select what it shows and does not show, and what at what zoom level. There are basically two decisions here:

  1. Does this thing match the theme of the map that I’m creating? Some things in OSM (stiles on a footpath, for example) wouldn’t be appropriate on a road map - they’d just distract from the purpose that the map is supposed to serve.

  2. Is it appropriate to show that thing at that zoom level? On a map designed for hikers, stiles are useful, but even for them they’re only useful when zoomed in. If I’m looking at “all the hiking routes in a country” I wouldn’t want to see all the stiles, because there are too many of them and they would obliterate everything else.

To be clear, there is no “one” OpenStreetMap map. There’s a big pile of data, and everyone is free to create their own maps from that. I maintain a couple of examples (a raster web map and one for Garmin) devices, mostly for my own use. Many people do similar things, sometimes with umap.

Thanks for that suggestion ! I’m pretty sure it’s this kind of reason that prevents the POI to show up more widely… I added the amenity=drinking_water to my POI and I’ll see if it works :smiling_face:

Actually, following the link you provided, it shows up - for me.

Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-R might be your friend in clearing your browser’s cache?

Ohh, but that’s odd… It’s not showing up on OpenStreetMap layer (see Relation: ‪Narbonne‬ (‪54737‬) | OpenStreetMap)
But it shows up on OpenCycleMap layer (Relation: ‪Narbonne‬ (‪54737‬) | OpenStreetMap)
Why would OpenStreetMap “select” POIs it wants to display or not ? And why would OpenCycleMap be the one that shows up my POI ? Is there anything I can do to display a POI everywhere ?
Thanks for your answers ! :smiling_face:

Ok I understand that, but the water tap I added is litterally in the middle of nowhere, at the cross of 2 roads in the countryside…
I would understand that it doesn’t appear in all zoom levels but it doesn’t appear at all. I consider it a valuable POI as it doesn’t show up on Apple or Google Maps, so why add any POI at all ?

I also added the “fountain” attribute, as I saw another water tap is showing everywhere with it.