POI near a certain point - how to find out more

dear experts

in June i am in Paris

i stay in the following youth hostel - in South Pigalle - SOPI

1, rue de la Tour des Dames
75009 PARIS

question: can i find all the interesting points of interest near this hostel

is there a map that shows me what i can find in the near of the hostel

love to hear from you

Depends on how you define “interesting points of interest”. For example for dogowners leisure=dog_park might be an intersting POI, others might try to avoid such POIs… And of course also which application you would like to use (Android-App, iPhone-App, pure SQL?).

There are online maps like http://openpoimap.org/ that offer POI search and filtering. There are also offline phone apps like OSMand that do that.

You might want to peek around https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Software and see if you find something that suits your needs.