POI Name not Housenumber

Hi, I’m new editing OSM and I’m struggling with what data is entered and what is displayed. We have a club building shared by several organisation, each with the same address. I would like to show the club names, not a repetition of the building number, see below.
62 Haven Road OSM
This is what I’d like to see.

I’m clearly misunderstanding a concept, but I can’t identify what. The display for the Ride On node is appearing how I expect. What do I have wrong?


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Hello UKDiver and welcome on the forum,

The combined address poi node (https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/10540314139), uses the club= key. And this key is not rendered by most renderers, however the address node is rendered by most renderers, so this results in repeated addresses being rendered.

For features that meet the definition of a club home you can use:

└── community_centre=club_home
    └── club=sport
        └── sport=*

Because amenity=community_centre does get rendered the poi will show up.

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OSM’s default web map style is supposed to work as both a feedback mechanism for mappers and as a “nice” map. In my opinion (a) those tasks are incompatible with each other and (b) it fails at both.

However, there are lots of other map styles that use OSM data. Here is one that I look after - it actually tries to interpret OSM tags the way people use them in 2024 rather than in 2014.

That’s just one example map style - I’m sure that there are others, both general and specialist.

Edit: A bit of background about the “OSM Carto Standard Style” not rendering these features can be seen here, here, here. and here. Please don’t let the fact that one old map style doesn’t show the type of information that you’re adding stop you from adding more - lots of other maps and apps will benefit from that information.


Thank you Mart and Andy for a solution (now implemented) and thoughts.

I do appreciate that balance between useful data and a useful map. I did like your footpath rendering Andy. I’d no idea I’ve been walking the Tommy Cooper Way, and now I do. Just like that! :smile:

Now to see if JOSM can render the data as default OSM Carto prior to upload to see how many text clashes I may get.