POI icon alignment

I’m new on OpenStreetMap community.

I recently went to a web page (Freshmile) that displays a list of points of recharge for electrical vehicles. I was a bit sceptic on the positionning of one of them, so I zoomed the map.
I understand that OpenStreetMap places the centre of the POI icon on the coordinates. But as a human, we tend to expect the bottom (needle side) of the POI to indicate a position.

Do you agree that it would make more sens to align the bottom of the icon on the coordinates ? Can this be improved on future version of the web version ?

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Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

The site in question uses OpenStreetMap derived data for the background map, not for the charging station data (they are missing many stations present in OSM). Outside of that they are simply a user of OSM data just like 10’000s of others.

Further, in OpenStreetMap we simply record the position of objects as they are on the ground, in real life. If we simplify the modelling, for example by using a single point instead of an area for a charging station complex, we tend to use a position that is near the centroid of the area.

None of that has anything to do with how somebody designing or operating a map displaying that data aligns their icons relative to the location of the data point. They are completely free to do it as they please and many do actually align the icon just above the location.


Hi @SimonPoole ,
Thank you for your explanations. I’ll contact the website to advise them to adapt their alignment.
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